Kinesiology Facilities


Jack Simpson

Jack Simpson Gym for bookings



Location: KNB 60

Features: Maple floor courts, dividable in 3 with curtain, 4,500 fire capacity

Size: 2,983 sq. metres total (West Side-1299, East Side -1246, South Side -180)   

Cost: Per court: $121.28/hourly, $1,819.13/daily. All courts: $363.83/ hourly, $5,457.38/daily (+GST)

Gold Gym

Gold gym for booking at UCalgary



Location: KNA 109

Features: dividable in half, 1 basketball court, 2 volleyball courts, 6 badminton courts, 6 ceiling mounted hoops

Size: 803 sq. metres

Cost: $104.74/hourly, $1,289.93/daily (+GST)

Red Gym

Red gym for bookings



Location: KNA 110

Features: Dividable in half, 3 volleyball course, 1 full basketball court, 2 half basketball courts, 10 badminton courts, 6 ceiling mounted hoops, score clocks, sound system

Size: 1,401 sq. metres

Cost: $126.79/hourly, $1,901.81/daily (+GST)


Auxiliary Studio

dance studio with barres



Location: KNA 117

Features: dance studio, sprung wood floors covered with Rosco flooring, mirrored wall, barres

Size: 424 sq. metres

Cost: $86/hourly, $1,289.93/daily (+GST)

Dance Studio

Dance Studio



Location: KNA 163

Features: Rosco floor, mirrored wall

Size: 58 ft. x 50 ft. and 20 ft. high, 269 sq. metres

Cost: $86/hourly, $1,289.93/daily (+GST)

Movement Studio

Movement studio for bookings




Location: KNB 70

Features: Rubber floor, freestanding kickboxing bags, mirrors, fitness equipment, spin bikes

Size: 297 sq. metres

Cost: $86/hourly, $1,289.93/daily (+GST)

High Performance

High performance studio




Location: KNA 17

Features: Weight room, fitness equipment, spin bikes

Size: 194 Sq. metres

Cost: $113.56 (+GST)

Multipurpose Studio

multipurpose studio for bookings




Location: KNA 162

Features: Rubber floor, fitness gear,

Size: 39 sq. ft and 10 ft. high, 152 sq. metres

Cost: $86/hourly, $1,289.93/daily (+GST)

Fitness Studio

Fitness studio for bookings in kinesiology



Location: KNA 170

Features: Hardwood flooring, mirrored walls, fitness gear

Size: 10 ft. high, 152 sq. metres

Cost: $86/hourly, $1,289.93/daily (+GST)

Wrestling room

Wrestling room and grappling sport for bookings



Location: KNA 13

Features: Mats on floor and walls for grappling sports.

Size: 302 sq. metres

Cost: $119/hourly (+GST)


KNA 124

KNA 124 classroom in kinesiology



Classroom not available for fall term

Features: 49 sq. metres, tables, chairs, projector

Capacity: 24 seats

Cost: n/a

KNB 150

KNB 150 kinesiology classroom available for bookings



Features: Seating, TV

Capacity: 20 seats

Cost: $55.13/hour (+GST)

KNA 160

KNA 160 classroom in kinesiology to book/rent



Multipurpose classroom

Features: 200 sq. metres, tables, chairs, projector, 10 glass boards

Capacity: 80 seats

Cost: $82.69/hour, $463.05/day +GST

KNA 264

KNA 264 kinesiology classroom available for bookings



Features: Tables, chairs, whiteboard

Capacity: 20 seats

Cost: $55.13/Hour +GST

To book classrooms KNA 120, and KNB 126, 130, 131, 132, and 133, contact

Outdoor Athletic Fields

Multipurpose Field 1

Field 1 multipurpose athletic field available to book at UofC




Location: Field west of Olympic Oval, boarders road

Features: Multipurpose grass field, goal posts

Size: 60 x 120 yards, 6240 Sq. metres

Cost: $88.20 /hourly (+GST)

Multipurpose Field 4

Athletic field for rent in Kinesiology at UofC




Location: West of tennis courts

Features: grass, field lights, end zones and goal posts

Size: 70 x 140 yards, 5,300 sq. metres

Cost: $88.20 /hourly (+GST)

Multipurpose Field 5

Athletic field for rent in Kinesiology at UofC




Location: North of Field 4

Features: Grass, outdoor lighting, goal posts

Size: 60 x 90 yards, 5,100 sq. metres

Cost: $88.20/hourly (+GST)

Hawkings Field 6 (Field Hockey Pitch)

Field hockey and practice pitch for rent at UCalgary




Location: North of Field 5

Features: Artificial turf, bleachers, lights, water cannons, for field hockey groups ONLY. 

Size: Practice pitch: 1,155 sq. metres, field: 5,027 sq. metres.

Cost: Hourly: Adult primetime: $142, youth primetime: $95; Adult non primetime: $105, youth non primetime: $42; High schools: $42/hour (+GST).

Multipurpose Field 7

Athletic field for rent at UCalgary




Location: West of Field 1

Features: grass, end zones, goal posts

Size: 60 x 120 yards, 6,300 sq. metres

Cost: $88.20/hourly (+GST)

Facility Book Form

Submit a booking form to reserve a space. 

Guidelines to book a space in Kinesiology

If you are booking an athletic field or a classroom, gym, or studio space in the Kinesiology A or B building, please review the following guidelines. 

  1. All cancellations and change requests must be received in writing via email. Once received, the booking will be cancelled from the Facility Bookings software system and will be open to all clients.
  2. Bookings which total $5,000 or less: Cancellation must be within 30 days before first booking, or the client will be charged a cancellation fee of 25%.
  3. Bookings which total $5,001 or more:
  • Cancellation must be within 90 days before first booking, or the client will be charged a cancellation fee of 25%.
  • If the cancellation is within 30 days before the first booking, the client will be charged a cancellation fee of 50%.
  • For cancellations less than 30 days before the first booking, the client will receive no refund.
  1. Event Agreements: Failure to provide payment in accordance with the payment schedule set out in the Event Agreement will result in cancellation fees as set in the Event Agreement, and cancellation of the booking.
  2. Partial Cancellations/Change Requests: If a booking is changed or partially cancelled it is subject to a $25.00 administration fee, unless negotiated otherwise in an Event Agreement. The cancellation fees set out in 2, 3 and 4 above will apply to change requests and partial cancellations.   
  3. The University of Calgary reserves the right to revise or cancel Facility Booking Permits and Event Agreements as required.
  1. Fees which total $5,000 or less: Full payment must be made 14 days after receiving the confirmed Facility Booking Permit or Event Agreement. *If the booking is within 14 days of the first booking, payment is due immediately.
  2. Fees totaling $5,001 or more: 25% must be paid within 14 days of receiving the Facility Booking Permit or Event Agreement, and the remaining 75% paid 90 days before the first booking. *If the booking is within 90 days of the first booking, full payment is due immediately.
  3. Event Agreements: the payment schedule will be attached to the Event Agreement and may be different from 1 and 2 above as negotiated with the Kinesiology Operations Manager or Oval Leadership Team.
  4. Payments can be made by credit card, cheque, cash, debit, or invoice.
    • In-person - credit, debit, cheque and cash payments can be made at the Kinesiology Facility Bookings office, and the Olympic Oval Guest Services Desk for Olympic Oval Facility Bookings.
    • Credit card payments can be made over the phone at 403-220-8510 Kinesiology bookings or 403-220-2831 Oval bookings.
    • Invoice – If the Client requests an invoice our staff will create an invoice and send an email copy of the invoice to the client. The client then pays the invoice through Central Finance.
  5. Failure to provide payment following the procedure in this Payment Policy or the payment schedule set out in the Event Agreement will result in cancellation of the booking.

By booking a facility, you agree to our rental Terms and Conditions. Please read them prior to booking a facility. 

For internal Kinesiology students, faculty and staff, find out about booking rooms, key access, maintenance requests and more.

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For all other spaces on campus that are not in the Faculty of Kinesiology, contact Conference and Event management. 

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The Kinesiology Operations team manage bookings, maintenance, repairs, general upkeep of the kinesiology complex, including event set up/take down, field maintenance, and much more.

For inquiries about booking a facility, please contact or 403-220-2831. To book a facility in the Olympic Oval, contact For all other inquiries, contact or call 403-220-2831.