Flexible Grading in Kinesiology

Learn more about flexible grading or credit granted (CG) in the Faculty of Kinesiology.

How flexible grading works

- Flexible grades or Credit Granted (CG) are not permitted for the following Kinesiology courses:

  • KNES 566 - Biomechanics Research Project
  • KNES 590 - Interpretation of Research and Research Project

- Kinesiology students are permitted a maximum of 9 units CG in their degree.  This maximum does not include Credit Received or CR grades. For more information, see the Undergraduate Grading System in the calendar. 

- CG grades can be used towards a Kinesiology degree, as long as the course meets a requirement, and prerequisite for subsequent KNES courses.

- CG grade units will not be used towards the Faculty of Kinesiology Dean’s list calculation as stated in the Academic Calendar. 

- CG grades may have impacts on applications to graduate and for professional programs.  Please contact the school(s) to which you plan to apply for accurate information.

- CG grades may impact awards. Please contact the Awards office for accurate information. 

- CG grades will not be reversed once they are approved and they are on the student record - students should carefully consider potential future impacts of selecting a CG grade before submitting their application.