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Faculty of Kinesiology's 2024-29 Strategic Plan

The new strategic plan will guide the direction of the faculty between 2024-29. There are three major strategic themes. Highlights of each theme are outlined below. 

1. Foster World Class Research and Innovation

Faculty Goal:

Enhance the production and impact of research through collaboration.

2. Enhance the Student Learning Experience

Faculty Goal:

Cultivate a deep curiosity for, and joy of, teaching and learning.

3. Connecting with Communities

Faculty Goal:

Place communities at the heart of what we do.

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Theme 1: Foster World Class Research and Innovation

Our units will focus on providing and supporting opportunities for increasing capacity, accessing participants, and conducting studies.

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Theme 2: Enhance the Student Learning Experience

To support student learning experiences across our units, we will provide career-building and experiential learning activities through practicum placements, internships, and hiring students.

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Theme 3: Connecting with Communities

The primary focus for enhancing connections with communities in Calgary, nationally, and worldwide will be increasing the number of and participation in community-based programs and partnerships.

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