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Study Abroad

Tips for Kinesiology students who want to study outside of Canada.

Study outside of Canada

We want you to have the opportunity to study abroad.

Whether you do an exchange program for one semester, or a one-week group study, it's great to have international experiences as part of your degree program. 


Benefits of studying abroad

One of the biggest benefits of studying abroad with the UCalgary program is that you pay UCalgary tuition instead of international tuition. You also remain eligible for student loans

Review the steps in the checklist to the right to see if studying abroad is for you and watch the video below. 

Study abroad 101

See the first part in a four-part series on studying abroad. 

Checklist to study abroad 

  1. Attend an information session or watch the video series
  2. Find a program. The Study Abroad website lists all countries, schools and programs.
  3. Find funding information. Almost $1 million in UCalgary funding is available for study abroad programs and external awards that may also apply to your program.
  4. Review your degree requirements to see where you have room for exchange courses. Meet with a kinesiology advisor to verify. 
  5. Meet with a Study Abroad advisor to help narrow down your options, clarify program details, and support you with questions about your eligibility to apply. 
  6. Apply for the Study Abroad program. 
  7. Find out what you need to do once you've been accepted into the Study Abroad program and complete the steps outlined by the Study Abroad Office. 
  8. Consult your Study Abroad advisor for tips on course selection and registration. To learn how the courses will be transferred, send the school name and exact courses to If the courses have not been previously reviewed, outlines may be required. If the school doesn’t share course outlines, you may have to wait until you arrive at your exchange institution before you can access them.
  9. Finalize your course list and apply for a Letter of Permission in the advising tab of your Student Centre. Follow-up with an email to with detailed course outlines (if available). Note: Group Study programs do not require a Letter of Permission. 
  10. Enjoy your international experience, and when it’s complete, arrange for an official transcript to be submitted to the Study Abroad Office at UCalgary. You will be notified when the transcript arrives and the transfer credit process has begun. For more information, visit Returning to Canada

Three students in Oslo for study abroad program

Fourth-year students reflect on travel abroad experience

Simran Sadhwani and Praneesh Chandrasekhar travelled to the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences in Oslo. They learned about the Norwegian culture and made new friends while studying kinesiology.

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