Why choose Kinesiology?

We are all about active and healthy living.

Sound like you? Join us. 

Our faculty is truly unique. As a result of the 1988 Olympics, we have developed superb places for research, learning and training. We are home to the successful Dinos varsity teams, Olympic Oval, Active Living programs, the Outdoor Centre and the Sport Medicine Centre. 

Top 7 reasons to join Kinesiology

Practical experience 

Get hands-on experience in the lab, in a volunteer position or through a practicum position (an unpaid work experience for credit). We have partnerships with other faculties and institutes at the university and in the community, and we have many excellent positions to choose from.


Access to excellent research facilities and labs

Undergrads and graduates conduct research projects in well-equipped labs such as the Human Performance Lab where you will study human movement and the Thrive Centre where you will learn about exercise to improve cancer outcomes. The Sport Injury Prevention Research Centre in Kinesiology is one of eleven research centres in the world that is supported by the International Olympic Committee. 


Mentorship from top leaders

Our faculty is the No. 1 sport science school in North America and No. 11 globally (2020 ShanghaiRanking). You will learn from and work with some of the world’s leading experts to make new discoveries and set standards that are emulated by other sport science schools around the globe. A record 149 Dinos student-athletes earned U SPORTS Academic All Canadian status and the Faculty of Kinesiology led the way with 46 students on the list.


Peer support network

Kinesiology has active grad and undergrad student associations for peer support, study and fun. As well as regular events, each year the Kinesiology Students' Society presents Kindustry – an event where all students have the chance to meet and talk with industry professionals. More than 30 different career options are presented for kinesiology-based careers.



You can take a combined degree with other faculties. You can take a Bachelor of Kinesiology degree and combine it with Arts-Dance, Commerce, or a Bachelor of Education in Physical Education. Or, you can take a minor program. We offer a flexible education that leads to many career options.


Outstanding places for recreation and fitness 

It's not surprising Olympic athletes train in Kinesiology facilities. Skate or run at the Olympic Oval; swim at the Aquatic Centre with 50m lanes; or visit the Outdoor Centre for equipment rentals and instruction. You can enjoy more than 75 recreation and sporting activities; and cheer for the Dinos athletic teams. Many students in our faculty supplement their education and gain experience by working in campus recreation facilities. 


Convenient location

Just in case you need one more reason, the Kinesiology complex is located in the main campus next to the MacEwan Student Centre with health and wellness services, the book store, many food and drink vendors, and more. 

What we do

See how we advance research and scholarship, and make connections in the community. 

Community Report 2019/20 (PDF)


Conne Lategan

I would not choose any program other than kinesiology. It was so much fun and we have such a good family here in our faculty. Our profs are amazing and they really want us to succeed.

Conné Lategan

BSc Kinesiology, Honours Program

Meet a few of our scholars

Dr. Nicole Culos-Reed, PhD

Professor Nicole Culos-Reed

Incorporating exercise and wellness into the journey for cancer survivors.

Calain Inglis, Kinesiology student

Calain Inglis, MSc grad

She's glad she didn't close the door on research before learning more about it.

Drs. Raylene Reimer, David Hart and Walter Herzog

Professors Raylene Reimer and Walter Herzog

Working to improve mobility for people with obesity and osteoarthritis.

Do you need advice on admissions, courses, career paths and more? Speak with a Kinesiology advisor.