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Thesis tips and important deadlines

Tips to plan your degree

Deadlines for completing an MSc and PhD 

Get a quick month-by-month overview and a checklist of important deadlines you will need to complete your degree.


Deadlines to apply for awards

Find out at-a-glance when to apply for awards to fund your research and if you are eligible.


Support services for graduates

Keep this list handy. It has contacts for academic advice, wellness services, writing support, workshops and international students.

Research proposal approval form

Members of the Supervisory Committee and the associate dean (graduate) must sign the research proposal approval form.


Important Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS) - Forms and Documents 

Link  - FGS Forms and Documents 


How to prepare your thesis defence

Planning a thesis defence

Learn what you must do in the weeks leading up to your defence.

Remote                In-Person


Approval to proceed to defence form

Have your supervisor submit the defence request form to signify that you have been given approval to write your thesis and schedule a Thesis Oral Examination. 


Tips for defence day (remote)

Find out the best way to prepare your space, the slides, the technology before and during the defence, and what to expect afterwards.


How to submit your thesis

See what approvals you will need after your defence and how to prepare your thesis for submission. Learn the process to submit your thesis.



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