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Kinesiology Undergraduate Programs

Explore the study of human movement.

The Faculty of Kinesiology offers flexible education options. You can take one degree or a combined degree. You can add an embedded certificate or a minor program. You can also take part in research projects and take practicum courses, which are unpaid job placements for credit. The Kinesiology advisors can help you arrive at a choice that fits.


Kinesiology degrees

The Faculty of Kinesiology has two degree streams: A Bachelor of Kinesiology (BKin) and a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology (BSc). Each degree requires 40 courses to complete, and both programs have the same 18 core courses that incorporate the natural and medical sciences, social sciences and humanities. To earn a BSc in Kinesiology, 21 of the 40 courses must be science-based. 

You will learn about the physiological, sociological and psychological aspects of movement and health. You will also learn about anatomy, biomechanics, nutrition, the fundamentals of movement, human growth and development, and neuro-motor behaviour. 

Explore all the Kinesiology programs here.  


What is the difference between a BKin and a BSc in Kinesiology?

The Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Kinesiology includes majors for students who have more of an interest in science-based courses. To earn a BSc, 21 of the 40 courses must be designated as science-related. A list of the acceptable science-based courses can be found in the Academic Calendar within the details of each of the Kinesiology BSc programs. 

Given the specific science-focused course requirements for both the Biomechanics major and the Exercise & Health Physiology major, students earn a BSc for each of these programs. 

If you prefer fewer science-based courses, consider the majors within the BKin degree stream. 

Find a summary of the course requirements for each program here. Use the resources linked on that page to compare the degree requirements for each program. 


Minors and Embedded Certificates 

You may be able to use the elective courses required for your degree to complete a Minor program or Embedded Certificate offered by other faculties.

See the Minor Programs section of the Academic Calendar to Learn more

See the Embedded Certificate section of the Academic Calendar to Learn more. 


Honours program

Delve deeper into a field of interest and gain valuable research experience through the honours program. Learn more.


Indigenous students

For questions about programs, admission and Indigenous support, check out UCalgary resources.


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