Bachelor of Kinesiology Degree

Degree overview

For a Bachelor of Kinesiology (BKin) degree, two majors are available, or you can also enter a minor or a combined or concurrent degree program with another faculty. This program is best suited for students who are interested in completing art-based courses rather than science-based.

Courses required

To complete a BKin degree, 18 core courses are required for the 40 courses you will need to complete the program.

If you choose a major, each one requires specific courses.

Learn more about the courses:

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Major Programs

Enter into an optional major when applying, or do so in your first or second year of the program.


A major in Kinesiology provides greater flexibility in choosing course options. Options can be used to explore other areas of interest, minor programs and embedded certificates.  More options can also help you to meet specific requirements for after-degree programs.

See what you will learn, the courses you’ll take, career opportunities and admission requirements here


Motor and Psychosocial Aspects of Movement 

This is a new major available beginning in the fall of 2022. Applications open Oct. 2021. 


Leadership and Coaching 

This new program replaces the previous Bachelor of Kinesiology-Leadership in Pedagogy and Coaching as of fall 2022.  Applications for the fall 2022 admission open October 2021.

Combined Degrees

Bachelor of Kinesiology and Bachelor of Commerce in Management (5-year combined degree). Please see the Haskayne School of Business portion of the academic calendar for details. 

Bachelor of Kinesiology and Bachelor of Arts - Dance (combined degree). Please see the School of Creative and Performing Arts portion of the academic calendar for details.

Bachelor of Kinesiology and Bachelor of Education (5-year concurrent degree). This new program replaces the previous Bachelor of Kinesiology-Pedagogy and Bachelor of Education as of fall 2022.  Applications for the fall 2022 admission open October 2021. Please see the Werklund School of Education portion of the academic calendar for details.

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