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Changing Programs

Learn the details about how to request a change to the Faculty of Kinesiology

Each year, students may submit a Change of Program (COP) request between October 1 and February 1 for the following fall. The COP request form is found under the Program and Advising tab in the Student Centre. A Change of Program is not available to open studies or visiting students. The number of seats available fluctuates from year to year, so submitting a request does not guarantee admission.


Requirements to enter Kinesiology

All applicants must meet the high school requirements listed here. We do not have any post-secondary course requirements to enter Kinesiology. 


How the evaluation process works

The admission average and GPA is driven by the number of seats available each year and the grades presented by applicants.

Students with fewer than 12 post-secondary units completed by the end of fall, in the year of application, will be assessed on their high school average.  Withdrawals are not used towards the unit counts. CG grades are used in the unit count.  This average has been in the high 80’s in previous years.

Students with 12 post-secondary units or more completed by the end of fall, in the year of application, will be assessed on their GPA. GPA is calculated on the last 12-30 graded units completed from fall back. Withdrawals are not used towards the unit counts. CG grades are used in the unit count. This GPA has fluctuated from 3.7 to 3.9 in previous years.

Please note: Applications are not re-assessed after winter grades are posted.


See how your courses may fit with Kinesiology

To understand how current and previous courses might be used in a Kinesiology major, we provide PDF Program Planners  outlining courses required.


Admission decisions

We strive to inform everyone about the admissions decisions prior to March registration. If you don't hear by March, please proceed with registering in your current program.

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If you are thinking about switching to a new program outside of your current faculty, connect with exploratory advisors in the Student Success Centre.