Recruit a practicum student

Invest in the next generation of kinesiology professionals by providing a student with an unpaid work placement for course credit. The practicums are not being offered for spring, and they are in review for summer and fall. Stay tuned. 

Information for prospective practicum supervisors

We are looking for organizations to provide students with work experience in the field of kinesiology through a practicum. A practicum is when a student does unpaid work in a place of business for job experience and course credit.  Before students enter a practicum, they must have a minimum of two years of study in an undergraduate kinesiology program (Bachelor of Kinesiology, or Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology). This means prior to entering a practicum, students have a solid understanding of kinesiology foundations.

Dates and hours of practicums

Kinesiology practicums are offered as one-term and students are required to complete 60 to 72 practicum hours. Since the spring session is compressed into two months, the hours are longer to complete the work term.

Fall: September – December (5-6 hours per week)

Winter: January – April (5-6 hours per week)

Spring: May – June (10-12 hours per week)

How practicums benefit organizations

Influence the next generation of Kinesiology students by becoming a mentor. You will also:

  • Gain support for internal projects.
  • Evaluate the potential for future employees.
  • Introduce fresh perspectives to your team.

What you will do as a supervisor

As the on-site practicum supervisor for the student, you will: 

  • Work out a balanced schedule with the student.
  • Offer supervision and guidance throughout the placement.
  • Complete a mid-point and final evaluation.

Please note: Our practicum students cannot be compensated for their hours or provided a salary.

Contact us

Interested in having a practicum student work in your organization? Contact us and we will get back to you within five business days. 

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