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Fees & Funding

Graduate financing in the Faculty of Kinesiology 


All current tuition and fees are outlined in the Graduate Calendar.  Tuition can change yearly, so check back regularly.

  • Tuition fees are assessed yearly for thesis-based students and per course for course-based students.  
  • All students must also pay general fees, which are assessed annually or by semester, depending on the fee.  You may be able to opt out of, or waive, some general fees if suitable paperwork is provided. 

Funding a graduate education

Apply for all the funding that you are eligible for – even if you are in a thesis-based program that provides funding. As well as paying for your education, scholarships are a notable achievement and submitting funding applications can help to develop and improve your writing.

Presentation Awards

Present your research at national and international conferences. Awards are based on availability of funding and have a maximum value of $1500.

Please note no funding/awards will be paid for presentations after the defense date.

Application deadlines

September 1: If Awarded - paid on September 25

March 1: If Awarded - paid on March 25

How to apply

1. Complete the Presentation Award Application. Only one application per calendar year.

2. Attach documentation confirming your abstract has been accepted for presentation at an upcoming conference or proof you have already presented such as a copy of the conference proceedings, a confirmation letter/email that your abstract has been accepted, etc.

3. Please email documents to

Kinesiology Leadership Scholarship

This scholarship recognizes outstanding graduate student success and leadership within the Faculty of Kinesiology. 

See the Terms of Reference.