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Biomechanics Seminars on Video

Enjoy the Human Performance Lab's weekly seminar series. 

Check out the recordings from the weekly biomechanics presentations that run between September and June each year. Want to attend a seminar? See who is speaking next week, or join to receive a reminder email. 

2022 Videos

2021 Videos

Fabian Hoitz, PhD Candidate

Individuality decoded by gait.

Rick Lieber, PhD (Northwestern University)

Intraoperative and laboratory studies of human muscle contractures.

Gregory S. Sawicki, PhD, (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Looking under the skin to understand human-exoskeleton interaction during locomotion.

Jos Vanrenterghem, PhD (KU Leuven, Belgium)

Mechanotherapy: turning movement into medicine.

2020 Videos

Michael Baggaley, PhD Candidate

Internal Tibia Moments During Graded Running. 

Anja-Verena Behling, PhD candidate

Footloose – An attempt to understand foot movement

Ross Miller, PhD

Joint loading: friend or foe? 

Tim J. van der Zee, PhD candidate

High energetic cost of rapid force development.

2019 Videos

2018 Videos

2016 Videos

Dr. Willem Meeuwisse, MD, MPE, PhD, CCFP(SEM), Dip Sport Med

Sport Injury Prevention: A Career Reflection.

Jerry Pollack, PhD

Contractile Mechanism.

Vinzenz von Tscharner, PhD

EMG quo vadis?

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