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Julia Daun

About this Study

ACE-Neuro (i.e., Alberta Cancer Exercise-Neuro) is a tailored, 12-week exercise program designed specifically for individuals affected by brain cancer.

The 12-week program features twice weekly exercise sessions, delivered both one-on-one and in a group-based setting by qualified exercise professionals. In addition, participants receive health coaching and an activity tracker to use throughout the program. Participants also complete questionnaires and fitness assessments prior to starting the program, post-program (12 weeks), at 6 months, and at 12 months. 

ACE-Neuro is delivered both online and in-person and is available across Alberta (Calgary and Edmonton).

Clinical Trials Registration: NCT04831190

This province-wide program aims to enhance the well-being of individuals affected by brain cancer through tailored exercise oncology programming.

To learn more about ACE-Neuro, please contact the site-specific study coordinator:

CALGARY: Julia Daun -, (403) 210-8482

EDMONTON: Cancer Rehabilitation Clinic -, (780) 492-6007

The complete ACE-Neuro protocol can be found HERE


Feasibility & Implementation of an Oncology Rehab and Exercise Triage Clinic

Check out the results from one of our latest manuscripts on the feasibility & implementation of an oncology rehab and exercise triage clinic in cancer care. 

Capozzi, L. C., Daun, J. T., Francis, G. J., de Guzman Wilding, M., Urgoiti, G. R., Langelier, D., & Culos-Reed, N. (2023). Current Oncology30(7), 6220–6245

ACE-Neuro: A Tailored Exercise Oncology Program for Neuro-Oncology Patients – Study Protocol.

Daun JT, Capozzi LC, Roldan Urgoiti G, McDonough MH, Easaw JC, McNeely M, Francis GJ, Williamson T, Danyluk J, McLaughlin E, Ospina PA, de Guzman Wilding M, Radke L, Driga A, Lesiuk C, & Culos-Reed SN. (2022). Contemporary Clinical Trials Communications, 100925.


The complete ACE-Neuro protocol can be found HERE


Find out more about ACE-Neuro:

ACE-Neuro Study - Protocol Infographic

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