Alberta Cancer Exercise Program

The ACE Baseline program is a FREE, 12-week community-based exercise program designed specifically for those living with and beyond cancer, with locations in Calgary and across Alberta.

Alberta Cancer Exercise

Alberta Cancer Exercise Program (ACE)

ACE Baseline is a FREE, 12-week community-based exercise program designed specifically for individuals undergoing or recovering from cancer treatment, with circuit-style classes twice per week at various locations in Calgary and across Alberta.  This program has been designed to enhance your quality of life, helping you take back control over your health in cancer survivorship.  

Please Note: You may participate in the FREE classes once, as this is covered under research funds. Then additional Maintenance classes are offered at a cost. Contact us if you are interested in ACE Baseline or Maintenance Program

Our community partners for our in-person class offerings include the City of Calgary Recreation, Wellspring Calgary, and the YMCA.

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ACE Maintenance

ACE Maintenance is the sister program to ACE Baseline. The maintenance program is available to all who have completed the ACE baseline program or EXCEL Baseline program

Maintenance classes follow the same 12-week programming as the Baseline programs, however, the maintenance classes are at a cost. 

To learn and view the various classes being offered online and in person, please follow the links below. 

ACE Maintenance - University of Calgary (In person and online classes)

ACE Maintenance - City of Calgary (Sir Winston Churhill and Southlan Lesiure Centre - in person)

ACE Maintenance - City of Calgary (Killarney - in person)

ACE Maintenance - City of Airdrie (Genesis Place - in person)

Physical Benefits

Decreases fatigue

Improves physical function

Improves ability to do daily activities

Psychological Benefits

Boots energy and mood

Enhances sleep and recovery

Increases emotional and social well-being

Watch this inspiring video!

This ACE video will give you an idea of what this program is all about. Watch it to get an inside view of our Thrive Centre, where our ACE classes at the University of Calgary are held.

Read what Brian from Calgary has to say about our program:

“The ACE program is a veritable "gift". It gave me a sense of purpose that I lacked and a positive feeling that it was possible to feel empowered in my fight with cancer in a way that raised my self-confidence and determination to succeed.

Another benefit I got from the program was "a feeling of belonging"..... not being alone with my cancer diagnosis and that feeling is, I think so very important to mental well-being while dealing with this disease.  Making friends with others on the same journey is a benefit that extends far beyond the courses themselves. I am not alone, I have made special friends with whom I share a special bond...Need a boost?  Want to feel better?  Want to share hope and strength, join the ACE program and get the positive vibes!”

We have also created another ACE video which gives a brief overview of the ins and outs of the Online ACE program. Are you eligible for the online ACE program? What kind of exercise would I do?  Watch this video to find out.



For more information about ACE - Neuro follow the link below

ACE - Neuro




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