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The Health and Wellness Lab takes pride in conducting a wide variety of research within the community and healthcare system. Check out our evidence-based and knowledge translation research efforts.

Alberta Moving Beyond Breast Cancer (AMBER) project

Dr. Culos-Reed and Wagoner have recently published their peer-reviewed study, Alberta Moving Beyond Breast Cancer (AMBER)! AMBER delves into factors influencing physical activity and sedentary behaviour in those recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

ENPAL: Exercise, Nutrition, & Palliative Care

We are excited to share the outcomes of our latest research project with you. We found that a multi-modal exercise, nutrition, and palliative symptom management intervention was safe, feasible, enjoyable, and beneficial for adults with advanced lung cancer! To learn more, see the visual overview above of the program for details on the intervention and its results. You can click on the visual overview to find the full article.

Multiphasic exercise prehab for head & neck cancer patients

This manuscript assesses the benefits, feasibility, implementation, and safety of a multiphasic intervention for patients undergoing head and neck cancer surgery.

Moving Online? How to Deliver Effective Virtual Fitness

Dr. Nicole Culos-Reed, Dr. Amanda Wurz, Dr. Justine Dowd, and Dr. Lauren Capozzi have synthesized evidence- and experience-based tips and tricks for maximizing the delivery of online fitness classes. Check out Moving Online? How to Deliver Effective Virtual Fitness.