Pediatric Oncology Exercise Manual (POEM)

POEM aims to inspire and promote an active lifestyle for children with cancer.


Pediatric Oncology Exercise Manual

The Pediatric Oncology Exercise Manual (POEM) was developed by a team of international experts. It consolidates evidence-based information and contains resources to inspire and promote an active lifestyle among children and adolescents affected by cancer. 

What are the goals of the POEM?

  • Increase awareness around the benefits of physical activity for children and adolescents affected by cancer.
  • Provide allied health care professionals, educators, and fitness professionals evidence-based information to support physical activity for the children and adolescents they work with.
  • Provide oncologists and physicians with tools to help them start conversations about physical activity with their patients.
  • Encourage children and adolescents affected by cancer and their families to engage in appropriate, safe, and enjoyable physical activity.


POEM for Families

Physical activity is a safe and essential part of any child’s healthy development. This should not be thought of differently for any child whose life is affected by cancer.

POEM for Professionals

Current pediatric cancer treatments often carry significant short and long-term toxicities. Physical activity during childhood cancer therapy can prevent and reduce the severity of complications.

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