Research Projects

Our research examines the role of movement, including exercise and physical activity, for cancer survivors. With a move more approach, we can enhance the physical and psychosocial well-being of cancer survivors, on or off-treatment.

Our Current Research Projects


Alberta Cancer Exercise Program (ACE)

ACE is a FREE, 12-week community-based exercise program designed specifically for individuals undergoing or recovering from cancer treatment, with circuit-style classes twice per week at various locations in Calgary and across Alberta.


Exercise for Cancer to Enhance Living Well (EXCEL)

EXCEL is a 5-year Canada-wide project, offering FREE, 12-week exercise classes designed specifically for individuals undergoing or recovering from cancer treatment. In particular, EXCEL will target cancer survivors living in rural and remote regions across Canada.

ped onc

Pediatric Oncology Research

We are conducting several projects examining the role of exercise in pediatric oncology patients. These projects range from guideline development to community-based organization engagement to the implementation of in-hospital exercise programs.

Head and Neck

Rehabilitation in Head and Neck Cancer (HNC) Feasibility Study

This feasibility study is a collaborative project with the Health and Wellness Lab and the Ohlson Research Initiative (ORI). Our aim is to assess the feasibility of embedding exercise into the care pathway for surgical head and neck cancer patients.


TrueNTH Lifestyle Management

TrueNTH Lifestyle Management Program aims to facilitate access to wellness resources that address the specific health and treatment-related concerns for men across their cancer journey.

Yoga Thrive

Yoga Thrive

Yoga Thrive is a research-based, therapeutic yoga program for cancer survivors and their support persons.

Our Past Research Projects


Exercise, Nutrition, and Palliative Symptom Management for Advanced Lung Cancer

We are excited to share the outcomes of our latest research project. We found that a multi-modal exercise, nutrition, and palliative symptom management intervention was safe, feasible, enjoyable, and beneficial for adults living with advanced lung cancer!

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More research projects to come...


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More research projects to come...


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