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Health and Wellness Lab                  Mailing Address:

Telephone: 403-210-8482                 University of Calgary

E-mail:      Health and Wellness Lab

                                                            KNB 230, Faculty of Kinesiology

                                                            2500 University Drive, NW

                                                            Calgary, AB   T2N 1N4

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ACE Project

The Alberta Cancer Exercise (ACE) Project
Telephone:  403-210-8482
Visit us at:

Barriers of Physical Activity Study

Contact Amanda Wurz
Telephone:  403-210-8482

EXCEL Project

EXercise for Cancer to Enhance Living Well (EXCEL) Project

Fatigue Study

Contact Kelsey Ellis, Research coordinator
Telephone:  403-210-8482

Yoga for Young Adults Affected by Cancer Study


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