Our Current Research Projects for People Living With and Beyond Cancer

Our research with people living with cancer examines the role of social support in helping people become active and maintain physical activity, and how support obtained through physical activity with other people who have experienced cancer contributes to well-being. 

social support

Reviews of social support and physical activity for people living with cancer

These reviews examined the qualitative and qualitative research on social support in and for physical activity for people living with cancer.

group activity

Social support in group physical activity programs for people living with cancer

This project examined social support in group exercise programs as a predictor for quality of life in adults living with cancer and socially supportive behaviours in group exercise for people living with and coping with cancer.


Social support and barriers in group online exercise classes for adults

This study examined the experiences people living with cancer have with social support, and supportive behaviours and barriers for providing and obtaining support in online group exercise oncology programs.