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Larry Katz

Larry Katz, PhD.

University of Calgary
Professor and Director
Sport Technology Research Laboratory
T: 403.220.3418
F: 403.284.2098
E: katz@ucalgary.ca
Kinesiology Complex B, Room 245
2500 University Drive
Calgary, Alberta
Canada T2N 1N4

Dr. Larry Katz is Professor and Director of the Sport Technology Research Laboratory (STRL), Faculty of Kinesiology. An award-winning developer and producer of interactive multimedia applications, he is an Educational Psychologist interested in how people learn, and how to improve human performance through the use of technology. As principal investigator of this research project, Dr. Katz brings strengths in the areas of education, kinesiology, learning, and multimedia technology. He is particularly interested in individualized learning, learning integration, personalized assessment, and motivating students to recapture their preschool enthusiasm for learning.

His background in educational psychology and his work with practical technology in the classroom, Kid TV, Collaborative Electronic Learning, and multimedia development, as well as his previous extensive interactions with students and teachers, will help with the practical integration of exergames in schools. Dr. Katz's leadership skills have been demonstrated extensively with his ability to attract top researchers to numerous collaborative projects that he has initiated.

Dwayne Sheehan

Dwayne Sheehan, PhD, MA, B.Ed., B.P.E.

Mount Royal University
Associate Professor
T: 403.440.5148
F: 403.440.6744
E: dpsheehan@mtroyal.ca
4825 Mount Royal Gate
Calgary, Alberta
Canada T3E 6K6


After 19 years of teaching physical education in the K-12 system, Dwayne joined the Department of Physical Education and Recreation Studies at Mount Royal University in 2008. Dwayne is passionate about assisting young physical educators in their pursuit of a teaching credential. His pedagogical approach to instructing is grounded in his past experiences and ongoing professional studies. He is a Past President of the Alberta Health and Physical Education Council (HPEC) and served a two year term as President of the Alberta Schools Athletic Association (ASAA). He is also a past recipient of the CAHPERD (PHE Canada) Young Professional Award. His commitment to professional development includes serving on the provincial HPEC executive for over 20 years and providing leadership to three provincial conferences (2000, 2002, and 2006). He is currently serving at Editor for the Journal of the Health and Physical Education Council of the Alberta Teachers' Association. 

Dwayne is involved in the community as a coach and official in a variety of sports. He enjoys all athletic and leisure activities but is most avid about playing with his two active children and his BUFF ice hockey mates. Dwayne and his wife are triathletes who have completed Ironman Canada and multiple marathons in Canada and the U.S. His areas of research expertise include:

  • physical education teacher education
  • physical education technology and innovation
  • physical literacy and fundamental movement skills in pre-adolescent children (ages 6-12)
  • children's postural stability and balance
  • physical education curriculum design

Dr Sheehan has broadened his research to include studies of physical literacy in the recreation sector. He is the Scientific Liaison for the Canadian Academy for Healthier Generations and is currently managing a research team involved in multiple child and youth projects. His CV and MRU Faculty Profile are available on the related websites on the left side of this page.