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Fitness Plans

Explore our fitness plans and find one that works the best for you!

We are currently in the process of revamping our material. Feel free to explore some early content below and stay tuned!

Detailed Plans

These plans are usually comprehensive, covering day-to-day workouts and goals. These are a great start if you want structure in your workouts without wondering what you should do on a certain day.

5 Day Cardio Plan

This is an in-depth 5 day cardio plan focused on weight loss. It allows for customization, such as picking specific exercises for beginners or for different intensities. 

Don't know your intensity? Visit our Instagram: @itsHealthyU and find Our "Intensity" post to see general guidelines.


Equipment: static bike, dumbbells, treadmill.


Neuromuscular and Full Body

Overall goals include weight loss, toning, and strength.

Equipment: Use of weights and resistance bands



A 4 day/week workout plan perfect for those who want to have a sustainable plan to maintain their fitness abilities.

Equipment: Medicine ball, resistance bands, jump rope.


Generalized Hypertrophy

A 4 day/week plan focused on muscle growth.

Free weights needed. 


Weight Loss

Plan focused on: having a toned body, increasing endurance and upper body strength as well as losing weight.

3 moderately heavy cardio/endurance focused workouts and 2 resistance (upper and lower body) workouts.

Equipment: No weights. Resistance bands used.


Brief Plans

These documents give brief workouts to help give an idea of what you could do in today's session or help give you ideas that can be incorporated in a more detailed plan.

Abs and Arms Circuit

Equipment: light dumbbells (or other handheld object), partner (optional but recommended!)

Time required: 45 minutes- 1 hour


Build Your Workout

Warm up, circuit, and strength exercise ideas for lower extremities, core, upper extremities, and full body.


Full Body

A full body workout consisting of 8 exercises. 

Goal: Weight loss and hypertrophy


Pull Day

A 50 minute "pull" workout.