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Message From The Team

HealthyU is a platform where students can give valuable and implementable healthy lifestyle resources in one place. We aim to grow this initiative and help create a library of resources made by students, for students.


Our Team


Jorge Rueda (President)

Jorge Rueda (President): "I am currently going into my fourth year of BSc in Kinesiology in hopes to finish with honors. Through these past two years I have had the pleasure to meet and volunteer for various research studies under Dr. Murias and Dr. Jalal and soon Dr. Singh. My hope for this club is to bring you guys REAL knowledge on sport and nutrition but also better the lives of university students through personalized health plans."

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Harshil Shah (Founder and Vice President)

Harshil Shah (Founder and Vice-President): "Since the first month of University, I learned that the kinesiology program at UofC is the best in North America. I also knew that many students wanted to get in better shape but cannot afford to get personalized plans. This is when HealthyU was born. I aim to work with the HealthyU team to create a strong foundation of this new initiative, which will continue to give value to the community in the years to come."

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Sushrut Mohapatra (Fitness Advisor)

Sushrut Mohapatra (Fitness Advisor): "I am in my third year of kinesiology and pursuing a dual degree in business. I am excited to be part of the team and help people with their goals! A few things about me: I like to spend my spare time outdoors mostly hiking in the mountains and biking through fishcreek park with friends. I like to stay active in my community by volunteering, I'm currently volunteering with a physio practice and South Health campus."

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Ana Ramirez (Fitness/Nutrition Planner)

Ana Ramierz: "Hi there, I’m Ana and I am one of the fitness planners with HealthyU! I got involved with this club because the fitness and healthy lifestyle values align super well with my own. I believe the central part of promoting a healthy lifestyle is balance. For me that means prioritizing exercise and time for myself, but also not turning down ice cream dates with friends and family when I can help it!"

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Simran Sadhwani (Secretary)

Simran Sadhwani (Secretary): "I am a third year Kinesiology Mind Science Major student who is passionate about exercise awareness! In the future, I wish to pursue medicine and become an OB/GYN! In my free time, I love to write poetry and draw cartoons! I also love to dance and talk about various dance forms! Other than that, I love math and biology jokes so if you have any I’d love to hear them! I look forward to working with you all!"

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Praneesh Chandrasekhar (Treasurer)

Praneesh Chandrasekhar (Treasurer): "Hey everyone! My name is Praneesh Chandrasekhar and I am going to be your treasurer for HealthyU! I have just finished my second year as a BSc. Kin major and plan to go to medical school to pursue pediatrics. I have been a part of many clubs in High school and even started one with a connection to UNICEF and have raised over $1000. As your treasurer, I would deal with our funds and reach out to potential sponsors."

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Mina Shin (Fitness Planner)

Mina Shin (Fitness Planner): "Hi! My name is Mina Shin, and I am one of HealthyU’s fitness planners. I am a third year Kinesiology major, and I am passionate about making fitness accessible and inclusive. Everyone should have the opportunity to find a workout that they love and a safe environment to do so! In my free time I read, bake, play the piano. As well, I love trying out new fitness classes and programs. Currently, I am working on a On-Ramp program at my local CrossFit box. I am so excited to be a part of the team and meet you all!"

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Taelienna Le (Marketing)

Taelienna Le (Marketing): "Hey Dinos! I’m Taelienna Le and I am the director of marketing for HealthyU! I am currently in my fourth year of sociology and plan to continue my education and career into the marketing industry. A bit about myself: I was previously on the Women’s Dinos Rugby team and am now a huge gym and fitness advocate. I am incredibly social and love to dazzle people with my bad jokes and obnoxious laugh. Super excited to create some amazing content for the club and to get everyone involved stoked about what we have to offer!"


Dr. John Holash (Faculty Advisor)

Dr. John Holash (Faculty Advisor): Life-long cyclist, paddler, climber, skier, & adventure and survival guide, with a Masters in Exercise physiology-Biomechanics, and a PhD. In Muscle Physiology and Computational Biology – Dr. Holash is currently an Instructor and award winning research scientist, at the University of Calgary, department of Health and Human performance in the Faculty of Kinesiology. Dr. Holash is currently active in masters biathlon during the winter months and adventure racing and triathlon in the summers. He has a passion for sharing his knowledge and experiences with others.

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