Savvy Stretch Coach

As seen on CBS News and featured in Runners World Magazine.

Fitness Software/Rehabilitation Software Systems: The "Professional Version" of Stretching & Flexibility

The latest in professional use fitness rehabilitation software. Stretching is vital to any fitness, sport or rehabilitation routine. Developed in conjunction with the Sport Technology Research Laboratory, the Savvy Stretch Coach demonstrates how to perform over 200 different full motion video stretches. As an on-site educational resource, it is suitable for use in coaching, training and rehabilitation.

In addition to the features found in the consumer version, Stretching & Flexibility, the Savvy Stretch Coach brings to the professional user:

  • Over 200 full motion video sequences accessed by use of the anatomical figure, the muscle group categories and the choice of 23 of the world's most popular sports.
  • Printouts - Produce individual stretching routines specific to your requirements.
  • Customized Programs - Build custom programs and individual client files from over 200 different stretches (Including PNF).
  • Stretches By Equipment - Pre-built stretching routines for the most popular pieces of exercise equipment in use today.