Improving Classroom Behaviour

"The complete interactive development program designed for teachers, administrators, support staff, and student teachers working in the kindergarten to grade 6 environment."

As Teaching Professionals in the new milleniums, we work day to day under increasing workloads and classroom sizes. With dwindling resources, it's sometimes hard to find the necessary tools to help us with childhood behavior problems and classroom conflict.

Your skills, combined with this innovative and interactive educational software program from Savvy, can help you counsel and manage children, classroom behavior problems and classroom conflict more effectively.

Improving Classroom Behaviour is an interactive learning experience that will show you:

  • Techniques and strategies that can be used to prevent behavior problems.
  • How to plan proactive approaches to behavior problems on an individual student, classroom, and school-wide basis.
  • How to use the techniques you teach to foster character development and improve your teaching practice.