Tyler Cluff

Assistant Professor

Faculty of Kinesiology

PostDoctoral Fellowship Banting PDF- Motor Control and Learning

Queen's University, 2016

PhD - Neuroscience

McMaster University, 2012

MSc - Biomechanics

University of Ottawa, 2008

BSc (Hons) Summa cum laude - Kinesiology

University of Ottawa, 2006

Contact information


Kinesiology : KNB2228

Research and teaching

Exercise Physiology & Nutrition in Health & Sport

  • Neuroscience - Motor Control
  • Computational Biology

Research Interests

The goal Dr. Tyler Cluff, PhD, has for his work is to understand how the motor system learns to produce skilled actions. The research combines behavioral experiments with neurophysiological techniques and computational studies. His group conducts experimental studies using TMS, fMRI, EMG and robotic devices to alter the physical properties of the arm to measure motor learning.

Three main areas of research:

  1. The role of sensory feedback in the selection, planning, and control of voluntary movements. 
  2. Basic principles of sensory processing and how they impact motor learning.
  3. Brain imaging (fMRI) and stimulation techniques (TMS) to understand the neural circuits that support motor learning.

Research on motor learning will improve our understanding of the basic mechanisms underlying skilled movements. It may also yield better tools to understand movement deficits, as well as treatments that can be used in rehabilitation to improve sensory and motor function.


Tyler Cluff CV