Lauren Benson

Postdoctoral Scholar

Faculty of Kinesiology

PhD - Health Sciences (Biomechanics)

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2016

MS - Kinesiology - Biomechanics

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2013

Contact information


Kinesiology : KNB416

Research and teaching

Biomechanics & Injury Prevention

  • Movement Science & Musculoskeletal Health: Biomechanics
  • Injury Prevention, Sport Medicine & Rehabilitation
  • Wearable Technology

Research interests

The health benefits of physical activity are numerous, yet athletes at all levels – from youth to recreational to competitive – sustain musculoskeletal injuries while taking part in sport. Benson uses wearable technology to monitor the biomechanics of athletes while they participate in sporting events. She determines when they show atypical mechanics that could signal the risk of injury.

The use of wearable technology suggests that injury risk prediction can occur in real-time in real-world situations, and may provide athletes with information that enables them to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.


Dr. Carolyn Emery, PhD

Dr. Reed Ferber, PhD



Lauren Benson CV

Benson has been a postdoc at the University of Calgary in Alberta since 2016. 


2016 - Eyes High Postdoctoral Scholar Fellowship - University of Calgary