Danilo Iannetta, PhD

Danilo  Iannetta

Postdoctoral Associate

Faculty of Kinesiology



After ending his cycling career, Iannetta became interested in learning the physiological basis of exercise performance. Thus, he decided to pursue the academic path, by first taking an undergraduate degree in Sport Sciences at the University of Cassino and Lazio Meridionale (Italy) and subsequently a Master’s degree at the University of Rome “Foro Italico” (Italy) in the field of Exercise Physiology and Performance. These experiences fueled his motivation to continue in the academic world. In 2015, he landed in Canada at the University of Calgary where, four years later, he obtained a PhD degree in the field of Human and Exercise Physiology. Outside of academic commitments, Iannetta still enjoys spending time on his bike.


Areas of Research


The main goal of Iannetta's research is to understand the role of exercise intensity in determining physiological responses and adaptations to training.

Using different exercise protocols (steady state vs non-steady state), he investigates peripheral and central adjustments to find the best strategies to optimize exercise training and to quantify the exercise-dose in different populations. Particularly, he is interested in defining approaches to standardize the exercise intensity amongst individuals and to evaluate mechanisms that determine O2 utilization at the level of the muscle that might be responsible to determine/limit exercise (in)tolerance.  

Participation in university strategic initiatives