Patricia (Tish) Doyle-Baker, Dr.PH/PhD


Faculty of Kinesiology

DrPH - Health Promotion and Education

Loma Linda University California

MA - Applied Exercise Physiology

University of Victoria

BS (Hons) - Biochemistry and Human Performance

University of Victoria

Contact information


Office : 403.220.7034

Web presence

Doyle-Baker Lab


Kinesiology : KNB426

Research and teaching

Exercise Physiology

  • Aging and Fatigue
  • Injury Prevention
  • Overtraining Syndrome
  • Osteoporosis
  • Osteoarthritis

Research interests

Dr. Patricia Doyle-Baker, Dr.PH/PhD, does research that involves clinical exercise physiology, epidemiology and sport science. These three fields of study come together in her role as a doctor of Public Health. The Doyle-Baker research group uses blood markers (hormones) metabolic parameters, (bone mineral density, bone content, lean body and fat free mass) and physiological profiles (exercise and activity based), to provide evidence towards population based outcomes. The lab's collaborations spread across several disciplines including: medicine, health promotion, environmental design, and athletic populations. These rich experiences provide the lab with a wealth of information which allows them to translate knowledge (which they are very passionate about) and impact audiences through speaking and writing.

Her areas of research are within these research themes in the Faculty of Kinesiology:

- Movement Science and Musculoskeletal Health

- Injury Prevention, Sport Medicine and Rehabilitation

- Exercise Physiology and Nutrition in Health and Sport 


University Positions

  • Professor, Faculty of Kinesiology 
  • Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Environmental Design
  • Member of O'Brien Institute of Public Health 
  • Collaborator: Sport Injury Research Prevention Centre (SIPRC)
  • Member: Alberta Children's Hospital Research Institute for Child and Maternal Health


Professional Affiliations

Professional activities & current and past positions 

  • CSEP Board of Directors –Alberta member at large                                                                                
  • Alberta Public Health Association (APHA)                                                                                               
    • President                                                                                                                                                
  • Calgary History of Medicine Society (CHOMS)                                                                                                         
  • International Physical Activity and Environment Network (IPEN)                                                       
  • Canadian Public Health Association                                                                                                                           
  • Canadian Obesity Network                                                                                                                                            
  • The Sport Medicine Council of Alberta, (SMCA).                                                                                                      
    • Regional representative and Lifetime member
    • Certified Doping Control Officer
  • North American Association for Study of Obesity (NAASO)          
  • Sport Science Association of Alberta (SSAA), President                                                                        
  • Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification Association, Executive Committee, Uni rep.  
  • Arthritis Management Advisory Board, Calgary Jewish Center, AB.                                                    
  • Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification Association, Executive Committee, Elected VP               
  • Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification Association, Communications Committee    
  • Alberta Fitness Leadership Association                                                                                                                      
    • President                                                                                                                                                
  • American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)                                                                                                          
  • Canadian Society for Exercise Physiologists (CSEP)                                                                                                 
    • Provincial committee member                                                                                                                             
  • The Canadian Athletic Therapists Association, (CATA)                                                                                           
  • International Exercise and Dance Association, (IDEA)                                                                                             
  • British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association (B.C.R.P.A.)                    
    • Fitness Executive Board



  • West Island College Board of Directors                                                                                                    
  • G02 -Planning Committee                                                                                                                                             
  • Women’s Health Research Group                                                                                                             
  • Advisor Committee for Fitness Roundup Conference, Banff. 


Current and Past Grant Support

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC-RDI). (2009-2 yr) Project title: Exercise and osteoarthritis: understanding the contexts of women through sport. 

Bella Foundation. (2008-2 yr) Project title: Does Vitamin D and Quality of life change in working Alberta women enrolled in 12 week lifestyle education intervention program? 

Doucet Bequest. (2008-2 yr). Project title: Do Health Parameters Differ Between 1st Year University Students and Non-student Populations? FYI Health Study. 

Canadian Institute Health Research (CIHR) Health Services Evaluation and Intervention Research award. (2007-3 yr). Project title: Economic Evaluation of Using Urban Form to Increase Exercise (ECOEUFORIA).                   


PK (Tish) Doyle-Baker CV

Doyle-Baker's career framework is founded in public health, defined as everything outside the health care system, and how society functions. Her academic appointments model this framework with positions in the Faculties of Kinesiology and Environmental Design (adjunct-EVDS), as an affiliate and part of the Faculty of the Population Health Intervention Research Centre – within the Faculty of Medicine, as a collaborator with the Sport Injury Research Prevention Centre and as a member of the Alberta Children's Hospital Research Institute for Child and Maternal Health.

Her work in the academy as well as in the community reflects her innate ability to engage and speak with diverse populations on health and educational issues particularly related to the broad domain of Health Literacy in Canadian society. Two of her strongest attributes are knowledge transfer in public health with a similar expertise in research translation. She is entering her 25th year in academia and she has a cadre of conventional and creative skill sets with novel expertise in the areas of clinical skills, education, research, teaching and speaking. She is acutely aware, that partnerships outside the university setting, and collaborations between and across universities provide the foundation for enhancing the intellectual life of university faculty, students and staff. Therefore she volunteers and provides support to the greater community through working with organizations outside academia. In summary, she has a solid reputation, an encompassing familiarity with academia and adult learners, a strong belief in advocacy and a passion for societal investment, a leadership style that embraces collaboration and participation and last but not least a spirit of innovation and creativity.


Peer Reviewed Articles Published in Journals

  1. Nolan MN, Ross Mitchell R, Doyle-Baker, PK. (2012, Dec.). Proof-of-concept: Development and Validation of a Smartphone as a Physical Activity Monitor. Journal of Physical Activity and Health.Accepted.
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Published Refereed Proceedings of Symposia and Conferences Oral presentations

  1. Doyle-Baker PK, Collins E. & Lawrence K. (2011, in press). Female Alpine Racers Lived Experiences Of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury And Return To Skiing. In (Ed. E. Mueller), Science and Skiing V, Meyer and Meyer, Salzburg Austria. Pp.
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Non-Peer Reviewed Publications Articles

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Public speaking

XI      Invited Addresses**keynotes

 Speaking- Keynotes, Workshops (facilitor)


  • Perspectives in Exercise Health and Fitness Conference (CSEP), Kananaskis, AB. Titles: iExercise: connecting obesity with inflammation and injury; What does literacy, exercise programs and education have to do with how great we are? and Forum Moderator: The Role of the Exercise Professional in Public Health Symposium. (Nov. 2-4th).
  • Penn West, Calgary AB. (Oct. 29th 2012). Title: Heart Disease in Women: It has a different rhythm!
  • Fit Rendezvous Conference sponsored by the Provincial Fitness Unit, Edmonton AB. Titles: iExercise: connecting obesity with inflammation and injury; What does literacy, exercise programs and education have to do with how great we are? and The ‘Fitness Whisper’ will be the wise trainer that leads us into 21st century of exercise! (May 25-27th).


  • ARPA Conference and Energize Workshop. Jasper, AB. Title: Exploring places and neighbourhoods with reference to health outcomes of populations. (October 21-23).
  • **Physical Activity Forum 2010. Calgary AB –May 26; Lethbridge June 1st; Edmonton June 4th.
  • Title: Does the Built Environment Influence Health?


  • **YMCA Manger’s Retreat-Facilitating. Banff Alberta. Title: An umbrella as a metaphor of life. (Feb 9th).
  • Alberta CSEP Health and Fitness Program. CEP Upgrade Workshop- Edm. ABTitle: Aging and Metabolic Competency. (April 5th).


  • Lunch and Learn. Sponsored by Healthy U. of C. Calgary AB. Title. Apoplexy, cerebral vascular event or a brain attack! (June 25th).
  • Alberta CSEP Health and Fitness Program. CEP Upgrade Workshop- Edm. ABTitle: Aging and Metabolic Competency. (June 26th).
  • Fit Rendezvous Conference sponsored by the Provincial Fitness Unit, Edmonton AB. AB. Titles: Red Rover, Red Rover we call insulin over! and Aging and Suddenly Senior – The Sigma Protocol! (June 1st).


  • Trainers Biennial Conference (TBAC). Train the Trainer. Red Deer, AB. Title: Arthritis and Exercise. (Nov. 2nd).
  • Alberta CSEP Health and Fitness Program. CEP Upgrade Workshop- Edm. AB. Title: Aging and Metabolic Competency. (Oct. 13th).
  • **Recreational Connection Toolkit Workshop -Calgary Health Initiative Facilitating. Calgary, AB. Title:Smarties, Big Gulps and Healthy Kids: orienting physical activity benefits. (Oct. 9th).
  • Women’s Wellness Day- Alberta Children’s Hospital, Calgary. AB. Title: Slugs, Sloths and Us! (June 9th)
  • Alberta CSEP Health and Fitness Program. CEP Upgrade Workshop- Edm. AB. Aging and Metabolic Competency. (May 18th).
  • **Oncology Nurses Day - Calgary, AB. Title: Why does a Gluteus Maximus make you laugh? (April 4th)
  • **Osteo Forum-U. of Calgary, AB. Title: Build it, Break it, and Store it. A closet look at Osteoporosis. (Jan. 27th).


  • **Motivational Speaker for the start of the Corporate Workplace Wellness and Physical Activity Pilot Project (Canada 100 project). ENMAX. Title: Walking 101…A little something to get you motivated.
  • Finding Balance Women’s Conference. Red Deer, AB. Title: Heart Disease in Women: It has a different rhythm. (May 13th)
  • **Mt. Royal College Faculty of Nursing- Professional Development Day, Calgary, AB. Title: Who you gonna call? Yourself! (Feb. 24th).
  • AB South Eastern Alberta Teachers (SEACA) convention, Medicine Hat, AB. Title: Let’s Get R.E.A.L. about Health (Feb. 25th).
  • CSEP Perspectives in Exercise Health and Fitness Conference, Kananaskis, AB. Title: A Neglected Outcome of Research: The Exercise Professional. (Nov. 2-4th,)


  • AB South Eastern Alberta Teachers (SEACA) convention, Medicine Hat, AB. Title: Health: It’s as easy as ABC…D. (Feb. 24th).
  • **Northern Lights Coaching Symposium, Yellowknife, NWT. Titles: The Circle of Performance: Women Athletes in the Making! and Spellbound by the aurora borealis. But can you hear it? Feb. 26-27th
  • CAAWS Point of VIEW Symposium Calgary, AB. Title: The Circle of Influence: A Star in the Making.(March 10th)
  • Fit Rendezvous Conference**Women Wellness Series sponsored by Human Factors Calgary, AB. Title: Menopause-Life Long Changes. (June 8th)
  • **Taking Pounds off Sensibly (TOPS), Calgary Chapter. Calgary, AB. Title: Exercise and diet. (June 14th)
  • U of C Professional Education Fitness, Calgary, AB Title: Menopause-Thermal Inversion. (Nov. 14th)
  • Centre City Plan Ideas Fair. Calgary Alberta, Title: Let’s B.E.E.P.: Builders and barriers, Environment and exercise, Exercise and self-efficacy, People and policy. (Nov. 18th).


  • Fit Rendezvous Conference sponsored by the Provincial Fitness Unit, Edmonton AB. Titles: Why Don’t Rats Wear Bikinis? Because… and 2) It’s healthier and more economical to walk than fly! (May 28th)
  • **Changes: Women’s symposium on Menopause. Title: The Life long tune up! Menopause. Glenco –club. (May 29th).
  • **Women Work Wonders Evening sponsored by Calgary Cross PC Association. Title: A Women’s Heart: It’s a Different Rhythm. (May)


  • **Taking Pounds off Sensibly (TOPS), Calgary Chapter. Calgary TOPS. Ten questions and answers on exercise (Nov.)


  • Professional Fitness Leader Certification Workshop (PFLC), Calgary AB.; Body Composition Analysis.
  • Trainer’s Biannual Certification Conference (TBAC), Red Deer, AB., Shaman, Paradigm Shifter and Healthy Person.


  • **University of Calgary Human Resources Group, AB. Topic: Work place wellness. Title: What’s between the lines: the shared vision! (June)
  • Professional Fitness Leader Certification Workshop (PFLC), Calgary AB.; Title: The Other YK2 problem: C0-morbidity. (April)


  • **The Latin American Women’s Assoc., Calgary AB. Title: Understanding Menopause. (Feb).
  • Fibromyalgia Retreat sponsored by Energy for Life, Nakoda Lodge, AB. Title: Wonders of the Fibromyalgia Lottery (Feb).


  • Shaping the Future Conference, Calgary, AB., Titles: Where’s Waldo and Menopause: the life long tune up. (November)
  • Glenco Fitness Club, Calgary AB., Title: Menopause: The Life Long Tune Up. (June)
  • Fit Rendezvous Conference, Edmonton, AB., Titles: The Tao of Fitness Leadership and Menopause, the life long tune up. (May)


  • Professional Fitness Lifestyle Counsellor Re-Certification Conference (PFLC) Kannanski, AB., Title: The Tao of Fitness Leadership. (Oct).
  • Changing Gears Conference, Calgary, AB. Title: What do we champion next in women’s health? (March).


  • Trainer’s BiAnnuAl Certification Conference (TBAC), Red Deer, AB., Title: Shaman, Paradigm Shifter and Healthy Person. (October)
  • **YMCA Volunteer Instructor’s Retreat, Camp Chief Hector, AB., Title: Fit for Delivery. (September)
  • Fit Rendezvous Conference, Edmonton, AB. Title: Fit for Delivery, (May).
  • Calgary Leisure Learning Services, Calgary, AB., Title: Shaman, Paradigm Shifter and Healthy Person. (Jan.)


  • Changing Gears Conference, Calgary, AB., Title: Shaman, Paradigm Shifter and Healthy Person. (October).
  • Certified Fitness Appraisal Workshop (CFA), Calgary AB. Title: Shaman, Paradigm Shifter, and Healthy person. Which one are you?" (April).
  • Edgemont Club, Calgary, AB., Title: Fit for Delivery and The Effects of Exercise on Fat

Metabolism. (March and November).


  • **MFLDA, Brandon, Manitoba; " Title: Mona Lisa was a Fitness Instructor. A self Portrait.  

and Title: Exercise Physiology: A Promiscuous Approach. (October).

  • Northern Telecom Circuits Div., Calgary, AB. Title: The Effects of Exercise on Osteoporosis. (Feb.)
  • Mt. Royal College, Recreation and Fitness, Calgary, AB. Title: Fat Metabolism. (Jan.)


  • ·**Family Medicine, University of Calgary; AB.; Title: Snap, Crackle, Pop: The Sweet Delusions of Fat Metabolism.
  • ·South Family YMCA, Calgary, AB. Title: Mona Lisa was a Fitness Instructor. A self Portrait. (Nov.)
  • Calgary Winter Club, Calgary, AB. Title: Contra-indicated Exercises. (Dec.)


  • **Club Direct, Toronto ON. Title: "Health Behaviour and the Fitness Industry: When will they marry." (July).
  • Fitness Rendezvous, Edmonton AB. Titles: "The Push to Improve the Clients Knowledge and The Contra Affair: Intensity for Duration!" (April).
  • Eau Claire YMCA, Calgary, AB. Title: Healthy P.L.A.Y.: Physiological Life, Acquiring it for our Youth. (November).
  • **Heaven's Fitness, Calgary, AB. Title: Understanding your client and the application of research. (Jan.)  
  • **CareWest Auxiliary Hospital Staff Retreat, Calgary, AB; Title: F.I.T. for Fun, (May).


  • **Canadian Aerobics Instructor Network (C.A.I.N), Toronto ON. Title: "Research Frontiers: understanding the bench step studies", (November).
  • Club Direct, Toronto ON. Title: "The Push to Improve the Client's Knowledge", (October).
  • International Dance Exercise Association (I.D.E.A.), Nashville Tenn., U.S.A. Titles: "Research Update: on Aerobic Dance Studies", & "Physical Activity and Fat Metabolism", (May).
  • Certified Fitness Appraisal Workshop (CFA), Calgary AB. Title: "A day in the life of Aerobic Annie." (May)
  • Fitness Roundup, Banff AB. Titles: "Research Frontiers and the Language of Biomechanics!" and "Aerobic Annie's Fat Metabolism", (April).
  • Family Medicine, Foothills Hospital, Calgary, AB. Trym Gym, Obesity Program; Title: Fat Metabolism (Feb.).
  • North Family YMCA, Calgary AB. Title: Stretching workshop for aquatic staff. (December).


  • Be Fit for Life Conference, Calgary AB. Titles: Research Update; Aerobic Dance Injuries, and The application of the F.I.T.T. Principle", (October).
  • Just for the Fit of It Conference, Mt. Royal College, Calgary, AB.; Titles: Hot Hot Hot Industry Topics and Heard it Through the GRAPVINE. (October)
  • Shape Magazine's International Conference, LA. U.S.A. Title: Research Update: Aerobic Dance Trends, (August).
  • Fitness Rendezvous, Edmonton AB. Title: "Research Update; Aerobic Dance Trends", (May).
  • YWCA Staff Retreat, Banff AB. Title: Contraindicated Exercises. (October).


  • **Fitness North Conference, Prince George B.C. Titles: "Physical Activity and Health", and F.I.T. Breaks: Take the Yawn out of sitting". (October)
  • Fitness Roundup, Banff AB. Co-presenter: Shirley Murray, Title: "Fitness for Pre-School Children", (April).


Speaking- Workshops educational


  • Forest Lawn High School Sportsmedicine Class-grade 10-12. Title: Sportsmedicine: Definition to Application. WIC Calgary AB. (Sept. 12th).


  • Calgary Science School, grades 4-9. Title: The power of movement: Flying with Dance. (October.)

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Sabbatical Fellowship 2017-2018, 2010, 2003

2016 - Community Service Award for ‘Inspired Community Service’ from The UCalgary Faculty Association

2015 - Last Lecture in 2015 Series titled: The Three C’s in a Career and an Oreo Cookie. Nominated by student suggestions and sponsored by Leadership and Student Engagement Office and the Student’s Union. 

2014 - Awarded Dr. E. Bako -Outstanding achievement and leadership in exercise science and practice by the Health and Fitness Program of the Provincial Fitness Unit of Alberta.