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Qualified Exercise Professional Oncology Education Week

Find a summary of this years Qualified Exercise Professional Oncology Education Week below with recordings of all the presentations. 


Learn about the evidence supporting the vital role of movement to enhance wellness in those living with cancer, the resources available, and skills that will allow you to enhance your experience as a Qualified Exercise Professional. Presentations are by experts in medicine, prehabilitation science, pediatric exercise oncology, and more. All presentations were recorded and can be watched on our YouTube Channel.

Education Week Schedule

QEP Oncology Education Week Schedule


Our presenters include experts in medicine, prehabilitation science, pediatric exercise oncology, exercise oncology, and psycho-oncology. Additionally, our EXCEL Patient Advisory Board will join us for a panel discussion. To learn more about each presenter please see their impressive biographies below.

Head Shot Lauren Capozzi

Dr. Lauren Capozzi

Dr. Lauren Capozzi is a Resident Physician in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at the University of Calgary, and has her PhD in Health and Exercise Psychology. She is also a Clinical Exercise Physiologist and Co-Founder of Thrive Health, an innovative exercise and health behavior change company specializing in the training of fitness professionals. Lauren has a special interest in Cancer Rehabilitation, and has dedicated her career to research and innovation to improve the function and quality of life of those facing cancer.

Throughout her PhD and medical training, Lauren has been nationally recognized for her work in cancer rehabilitation. Lauren co-founded Canada’s first student-run fitness centre for cancer survivors, the Thrive Centre, and was honoured in Avenue Calgary’s class of 2015 Top 40 Under 40. She is active in medical education, and played a key role in the development of national Physical Activity in Medical Curriculum objectives and Physical Activity as Medicine curriculum for undergraduate medical students at the Cumming School of Medicine. As an exercise physiologist, Lauren has vast experience facilitating community exercise classes. In 2017, she was one of 17 medical students from across Canada selected for a Canadian Medical Hall of Fame award.   

In her spare time, you will find Lauren hiking, skiing, and cycling with her husband and son through the mountains of Calgary and beyond.

Watch Dr. Capozzi's presentation here.

Head Shot Daniel Santa Mina

Dr. Daniel Santa Mina

Dr. Daniel Santa Mina is an Associate Professor at the University of Toronto in the Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education and cross-appointed to the Faculty of Medicine in the Department of Surgery. He is also a Clinician Investigator at the Toronto General Hospital Research Institute within the Department of Anesthesia and Pain Management. Dr. Santa Mina completed his PhD in Kinesiology and Health Sciences at York University and a Post-Doctoral Fellowship in the Department of Surgical Oncology, Division of Urology, at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. He is a Registered Kinesiologist and Clinical Exercise Physiologist (CSEP) with advanced training in exercise oncology. His research foci include exercise oncology and the effects of pre-operative conditioning, known as prehabilitation, on physiological, functional, and psychosocial outcomes for surgical patients. Dr. Santa Mina is also actively involved in implementation research related to surgical prehabilitation and exercise oncology. Daniel is the Director of the Applied Clinical Exercise (ACE) laboratory at the University of Toronto and Co-Director of the Prehabilitation Program at the University Health Network. 

Outside of work Dr. Santa Mina's favourite physical activity is playing Basketball.

Watch Dr. Santa Mina's presentation here.

Madelaine Gierc

Dr. Madelaine Gierc

Dr. Gierc completed a PhD in Kinesiology from the University of Saskatchewan, followed by a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Queen’s University. She currently splits her time between clinical health psychology and a Michael Smith postdoctoral fellowship with the Population Physical Activity Lab, UBC. Her research looks at the relationship between psychology and exercise: how psychology shapes exercise behaviour, and how exercise can improve (mental) health. She is currently leading work on exercise therapy for depression. Dr. Gierc’s favourite physical activities are rowing, swimming, spin, and indoor climbing.

Twitter: @TheGeekyJock

Watch Dr. Gierc's presentation here

Head Shot Michael Mackenzie

Dr. Michael Mackenzie

Michael Mackenzie, PhD is an Associate Professor in Health Behavior Science at the University of Delaware. Dr. Mackenzie holds an MSc in Counseling Psychology and PhD in Health & Exercise Psychology.  Dr. Mackenzie is Academic Director of UD’s Graduate Certificate in Clinical Health Coaching and works closely with UD STAR Health’s Clinical Health Coaching Research & Training Center. UD’s Health Coaching Program provides healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills to facilitate positive behavior change to promote health and reduce chronic disease risk and experience. The Center provides health coaching services for individuals throughout their life span, connects the community to research, and prepares student healthcare leaders. Dr. Mackenzie’s current research focuses on community-based health coaching for cancer survivors. Michael’s favorite physical activity is walking whilst listening to Willie Nelson.

Watch Dr. Mackenzie's presentation here.

Head Shot Miriam Götte

Dr. Miriam Götte

Dr. Götte is head of the working group “exercise oncology” at the West German Cancer Center at the University Hospital Essen. Her research focuses analyzing the benefits of physical activity in childhood cancer patients and survivors. Dr. Götte is speaker of the nationwide Network ActiveOncoKids that implements clinical exercise programs into usual care of children and adolescents with cancer and supports families and children to participate in sports. Dr. Götte is PI of several trials evaluating the effects of exercise on health related and immunological outcomes during acute cancer treatment and during early aftercare. In addition to pediatric and adolescent oncology, Dr. Götte participates in several research projects in adult exercise oncology with a focus on advanced and metastatic cancer. Her latest publications are a systematic review on the immunological effects of exercise in pediatric oncology, an analysis of adverse events during supervised exercise interventions in pediatric oncology, and the guideline “Movement and Exercise Guideline in Pediatric Oncology” for the Association of Scientific Medical Societies in German.

Dr. Götte collaborates with researchers on an international level to close research gaps and translate research findings into practice, including the international Pediatric Oncology Exercise Guidelines (iPOEG). Her main goal is to enable cancer patients to be physically active during the whole cancer trajectory.

Please note Dr. Götte's presentation can only be accessed upon request to the Health and Wellness Lab (

Safa Rahman

Safa Rahman

Safa Rahman is a pelvic health physiotherapist in Calgary.  She has been in practice for 25 years, and integrated pelvic health into her orthopedic practice in 2003. As the primary physiotherapist on the Pelvic Pain team at the Chronic Pain Center from 2006-2017, she has a deep respect for and awareness of the effectiveness of patient-led, interdisciplinary care.  She is a manual therapist, fascia-enthusiast, medical acupuncture practitioner, and a yoga therapist.  She strives to create safe, caring environments for everyone, particular those of the LGBTQIA2S+ communities, as well as faith-based communities. Safa is on the faculty of the Myofascial Yoga Institute, and has had the joy of contributing to the last few Pain Society of Alberta conferences.  She loves spending time with her two daughters in the mountains in boots or on skis, and immersing herself in art and music.

Watch Safa Rahman's presentation here.

Panel Discussions

Participant Advisor Board (PAB) Panel

The EXCEL participant advisory board, or PAB, is a group of current and former EXCEL participants that have agreed to be more involved with the EXCEL study and our programs on an ongoing basis. The focus of this panel discussion will be on the needs from a participant perspective of a QEP for the participant to feel safe and empowered to exercise. Currently, the PAB is made up of 6 participants from Alberta, Ontario, and Nova Scotia. 

The recorded Panel Discussion can be found here

To learn more about our PAB members click here

Clinical Exercise Physiologist (CEP) Panel

Our Clinical Exercise Physiologist (CEP) Panel consists of 5 experienced CEPs from the Health and Wellness Lab. The panel consists of Tanya Williamson (ACE coordinator), Jessica Danyluk (TrueNth coordinator), Nicole Struthers (EXCEL lead CEP), Julianna Dreger (EXCEL coordinator), and Julia Daun (ACENeuro coordinator). During the Panel Discussion the CEPs will focus on considerations in delivering exercises to people living with cancer in the online environment. The last 30 minutes of the presentation will be open for Q&A. 

The recorded Panel Discussion can be found here.

To learn more about our CEPs click here