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Welcome to Healthyu

A Student Run Initiative Promoting Healthy Lifestyles

Mission statement



To encourage students to maintain a healthy lifestyle by providing factual knowledge and personalized suggestions on nutrition and fitness.



Encourage Health

We encourage a healthy lifestyle through proper diet and fitness. We aim to present students with factual information and give them ideas of ways to participate in physical activity.

Develop Student Skills

As a student run initiative, all these resources are developed by UofC students from their thorough research and rigorous coursework. Developing such material help students grow their knowledge and implement it in real world situations.

Creating A Community

HealthyU is based on the core belief that students can help other students through their unique skills, knowledge, and perspectives. Not only can this build a foundation for a vibrant health & fitness community, but also set a precedent for other initiative based on this core belief.

Next Steps

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Fitness Plans

Explore our pre-made fitness plans that you can start on today! Can't find one that works for you? Email us to suggest a new type of plan!

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