Practicum positions & requirements

Practicum UPDATE

In response to COVID-19,  all KNES practicums are suspended, and the postings have been temporarily removed.

Updates regarding spring practicums will be posted on KNES News in D2L and on this page.

Please contact  with any questions.

Updated October 6, 2020.

Practicums were a valuable, hands-on experience that allowed me to connect all the classroom learning with practical skills. Picking diverse placements allowed me to figure out what population I work best with and what my interests are.

Naomi Brown

Bachelor of Kinesiology

Practicum overview

Gain course credits and professional unpaid workplace experience by taking a practicum. It's a great way to gain insight into a potential career path and make contacts in the community before you graduate. Browse more than 80 practicums listed below - some positions could easily fit into more than one category. Kinesiology students can complete up to three different practicum positions: KNES 441 (Practicum A)KNES 443 (Practicum B), and KNES 445 (Practicum C).

Begin exploring your career options now. 

Practicum requirements

  • current kinesiology student at the University of Calgary
  • in good academic standing
  • successful completion 20 courses (60 units); 10 courses (30 units) must be labelled KNES
  • meet the practicum placement requirements described in the position description

Checklist for course credit

Have you completed everything you need to receive your course credit? 

  1. Attend a mandatory orientation at the beginning of KNES 441 to learn all the details of being a practicum student.
  2. Complete 60-72 hours within the term dates, and meet the expectations of the practicum position.
  3. Complete a mid-point evaluation with your on-site supervisor. 
  4. Complete a final evaluation.
  5. Attend a mandatory summary session at the end of each practicum.

How to enrol in a practicum course

The following steps are required to enroll in KNES 441, 443 or 445 practicum courses.

Check the criteria

Review the list of practicums below, and ensure you meet the position criteria. Next, contact the on-site supervisor listed in the position description to arrange for an interview. Make sure to introduce yourself, and include a couple of sentences as to why you're interested in the position.

At the interview

For the interview, bring a current resume and the practicum application with the student portion completed. If you're the successful candidate, the supervisor will complete their portion of the application form and return it to you. Here are some helpful tips on preparing for an interview.

Submit your application form

Once you and the on-site supervisor complete the application form, submit the applicationalong with any necessary documentation to by the stated deadline. Watch your UCalgary email for important next steps.